Monthly Archive: September 2016

Trump vs. Hillary: The Contest Nobody Wanted Yet Is Actually Happening

It is the middle of September in 2016, and here I am writing my inaugural blog post on the 2016 presidential race: Donald Trump, representing the Republican Party, versus Hillary Clinton, representing the Democratic Party. I literally, literally, might be the last citizen in the whole of the United States to write an online post (Facebook statuses included!) on the 2016 battle royale.


This is of course not to say that I haven’t been closely following the saga, all the way back from a year ago, when Donald Trump first announced his intention to run for the office of the President of the United States of America; the highest office in the land. Like many, I had the same emotional reaction: disbelief and mockery. That orange-haired buffoon seriously thinks he has a chance? Nevertheless I made a mental note to closely follow his political journey, if only for the entertainment value. Little did I realize then how with the right mindset, political savvy, and deep understanding of the humans’ true natures, how ‘entertainment value’ could be translated into powerful political capital.

I was reminded of the last high profile celebrity who ran for office, the incomparable Arnold Schwarzenegger, quite possibly the most muscular politician who has ever ran for office in the history of this nation. Of course there were numerous significant differences, while Arnold is a very wealthy man, with an estimated net worth in the low hundreds of millions, it definitely pales in comparison to the Donald. Second, the things that made Arnold a celebrity was far different than what turned Donald into a celebrity (although one important point I would like to highlight here is that both these men were masters in brand management, consciously controlling their public persona from Day 1 and always making sure that said persona was in line with whatever goals they had in mind at the time).

Like many others, I watched with a mixture of shock and awe as The Don steamrolled his way to the Republican nomination, crushing the establishment’s shoo-in, the low energy Jeb Bush, followed by the young corporate robot, Marco Rubio. Soon only Ted Cruz (a crazy evangelical who is quite possibly the most disliked politician in DC) remained, buoyed by the support of other evangelicals with similarly crazy views. However, his run too came to an unceremonious halt in Indiana, and since then Donald Trump has been the Republican nominee, winning the nomination months ahead of Hillary.

Which brings us the infamous Hillary herself. Unlike Trump, she was definitely the establishment favorite, crushing the hopes of millions of Bernie fans, many of whom were either too lazy to vote, too young to vote, or simply not even citizens of the United States! Despite all their hopes, anyone well versed in politics knew it was never going to happen. Don’t take this a slight against Bernie however, I actually would support him for POTUS (more on this in the future), however with the Democratic establishment, the women vote, and her ruthless political cunning, the nomination was a cinch for her since the beginning, despite some hiccups along the way.

And so the 2016 battleground is set! Two political animals, both cunning and ruthless in their own way, each with a strong core base of supporters, and a middle demographic that still can’t believe that this race is actually happening, as their own candidates were viciously mauled by these savages.

And now….let the games begin!